The founder of ELITEKICK is originally from Pakistan, a country where craftsmanship and quality in football making have a special status. When he came to Germany, he realized that the passion for football is a little bigger here. But it seemed to him that something was missing.


He spent 2 and half years gathering the right materials from different countries. He wanted to make high-quality footballs that meet the highest FIFA quality standards. And so in 2023, the ELITEKICK brand was born in Passau, Germany.


Our focus therefore is on innovation. We want to put the football world in better shape and give players an unparalleled experience.

At ELITEKICK, Sustainability Meets Athleticism


Explore a new era of football with ELITEKICK, a brand that stands not only for excellent sports gear but also for a sustainable approach in production. Our footballs are crafted with a passion for the game and a commitment to our planet.


Sustainability in Every Stitch


At ELITEKICK, we embrace innovative materials that meet the highest standards of performance and environmental responsibility. Our balls are designed not only for top-tier play but also for a minimal ecological footprint.


The Benefits of Our Sustainable Footballs


Environmentally Friendly Production. We use recyclable materials and ensure our production processes are as eco-friendly as possible.


Durability and Quality: Sustainability for us also means crafting high-quality balls that last longer, thus consuming fewer resources.


FIFA-Certified Performance. Our sustainable balls meet the highest FIFA standards, meaning you don’t have to compromise on game quality.


Creating Awareness. By choosing ELITEKICK, you’re not just opting for premium sports equipment; you’re making a contribution to environmental conservation. Be part of the solution by choosing sustainable footballs.


A Step into the Future of Sports


ELITEKICK represents not only the present of football but also the future. By choosing our sustainable footballs, you actively shape a sustainable future for sports and the planet.


Ready for a game where every kick counts not only on the field but also for the environment? Welcome to ELITEKICK – where sustainability and athleticism go hand in hand.